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The most important new development for stroke treatment is the advent of thrombolytic drugs (so-called "clot-busters," already used for heart disease).
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NeuroAiD™ Stroke Treatment Helps Stroke Patients Recover Faster and Resume Normal Life.
Don’t Just Cope…Find Hope. See Real Progress in your Rehabilitation!

The NeuroAiD™ stroke treatment was historically developed in China as a traditional chinese medicine to help stroke patients achieve better rehabilitation at late stage. After 5 years, it is now reaching about 200,000 patients every year in Asia, as well as patients in over 25 countries.
NeuroAiD&... [More]
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A periodic update regarding important stroke-related information, written by a stroke neurologist, in easy to understand language. It also includes useful stroke-related links for the expert and lay-person.
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