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 Lin Wisman, Editor, Vol 7, No 1, January 2007 
In this issue...
  • Organization Highlights, By Steve Mallory
  • Winter Day on Planet Aphasia, By Jean Riva
  • Book Review, By Lin Wisman
  • Kate's Korner, By Kate Adamson
  • Stroke Newsfeed, By Jean Guggenheimer
  • Member Letters
  • Stroke Network Members Birthdays
  • Bio: Doris E. Pavlichek
  • Our Organization

  • Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of StrokeNet for 2007. We wish you and your family a great new year. Steve Mallory opens this years issues with an update of Stroke Network events. Jean Riva contributes a humorous article on aphasia. Lin Wisman reviews the book "Stroke and the Family." by Joel Stein, MD.

    Kate Adamson reports on wrapping gifts one handed and on a stroke survivor, Angela. Jean Guggenheimer reviews the latest stroke news The Editor shares Members Letters. January birthdays are listed. Doris E. Pavlichek's bio is featured.

    Organization Highlights, By Steve Mallory

    Steve begins the New Year by reporting on accomplishments of The Stroke Network in 2006.

    Steve's Remarks...


    Winter Day on Planet Aphasia, By Jean Riva
    Jean shares a story about a Winter Day on the Planet Aphasia. This is another great adventure with her husband Don who has aphasia. Jean is a great example of making lemonade from lemons. Every day is an adventure.




    Winter Day on Planet Aphasia...


    Book Review, By Lin Wisman
    "Stroke and the Family" by Joel Stein M.D. is reviewed. This comprehensive guide for those dealing with stroke is part of The Harvard University Press Family Health Series.




    Stroke and the Family...


    Kate's Korner, By Kate Adamson
    This month Kate writes on two subjects. First she addresses wrapping packages one handed. Then she gives an up date on stroke survivor, Angela, who she reported on a few months ago.




    Kate's Korner...


    Stroke Newsfeed, By Jean Guggenheimer
    Jean reviews articles about stroke. The articles cover the arenas of the importance of an immediate trip to the emergency room if you are having stroke symptoms and the suggestion to add cranberries to your diet. She includes three articles about stem cell research and lastly an article announcing a stroke death.




    Newsfeed Review...


    Member Letters
    Each month the editor receives emails from members. Most share stories. Two have been included in this month's issue.

    Reinhard Schram shares a funny story. Christopher Tobin shares a quote.



    Member Letters...


    Stroke Network Members Birthdays
    The Stroke Network wishes a Happy Birthday to all those born in January. Click below to see the list of Members who have added their January birthday to their profile.

    Birthdays are listed in the Calendar and each day the current birthdays are listed on the Message Board. To be sure your birthday is included on the list, add the date to your profile. From the start page of the Message Board, select Member Links, My Controls. On the left hand side of the next screen look for the category Personal Profile. Select Edit Profile.





    Bio: Doris E. Pavlichek
    Doris, who lives in Maryland, USA, had stroke episodes in 2006.

    Click the link below to see Bios currently in The Gallery. To access a bio, click the photo.

    If you would like to have your bio featured, add it to the Gallery or send it to the editor and she will add it for you. In order to be featured you must write a 200 - 1,000 word bio. If you do not have a digital photo, contact the editor. Remember, bios need not be of just survivors. Any member may submit.

    Access the Gallery from the Message Board start page. Select Community Links, Gallery. To add yourself, from the Members Bio section of The Gallery select New Image. In the caption box add your entire name, first and last. Place the bio in the large text box in the middle of the screen. Add a photo by selecting Upload at the bottom. of the page. Should you need to find help and can't find or have deleted this letter, the instructions can be found in Members Links, FAQ on the Message Board.



    Our Organization
    What is The Stroke Network? Where did it come from? Who are the people that work there? Read the FAQ if you would like to know.

    Just what is FAQ? I've seen it on the Internet several times but I've never understood what it stood for. What is FAQ and why does our organization have these letters? FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. It's basically questions that most people are going to ask if they want to know about your web site and service.

    Our organization has a FAQ in order to give you some background information and insight into our organization. The FAQ is linked from virtually every single page on our whole web site. If you scroll down the page and look on the left column you will see a button with a question mark. Click on the button and you will be hyperlinked to our FAQ web page.

    You will learn about the formation of our organization and it's history. You can find out who are our partners and learn about our basic policies. Most of the frequently asked questions can be found here but if you have more please let us know. Contents of this newsletter may not be reprinted without the organization's permission. Please contact the editor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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