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Vol 14, No 8    

August 2014


Welcome to the August issue of StrokeNet, the newsletter of The Stroke Network.


Summer is winding down. Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and staying safe!


Welcome Moses Cherrington. Moses, who is a survivor, begins his column "Born Again" by introducing himself and his column.


This month there are two articles about those who care for Stroke Survivors. David reports on a Caregiver Appreciation Day held by his local support group. Deb writes about the Care Partner distinction. 


Jim, in Dancing with Stroke, reflects on Living in the Present. Jeanette discusses Negotiating Recovery. In The Juggling Caregiver, Claudia shares thoughts in Life with Dogs.


Bookends to this newsletter are Organization News and Member Celebrations. Be sure to read both!


Please be sure to contact Deb Theriault at to have your Member Story in the newsletter. At one time there was hope that this feature would be popular with our readers. 

Alas, this has not happened yet. Every survivor (and caregiver and family member) has their unique story. Deb writes the article with you and nothing is printed without your approval. Check it out!


Enjoy the August newsletter!  


Lin Wisman

Director Information Resources

Editor, StrokeNet


Organization Highlights
By Maria Erichsen    

Operations Manager


Maria reflects on friends old and new. She gives directions to name a friend through the board.


The board will soon get an upgrade!

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Contact Maria at


Caregiver Appreciation Day
by David Wasielewski


David's local stroke support group recently held a program featuring Caregivers. 


Caregivers told their side of the story. Through the program everyone gained greater appreciation for the Caregiver role.


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Contact David at


Care Partners
Unsung Heroes
by Deb Theriault

Carers have many roles. Deb suggests that her experience shows that there should be a distinction between Caregivers and Care Partners. Read her article to understand where she is coming from.


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Contact Deb at

Dancing with Stroke

Stroke Survivors Live in the Present

By Jim Sinclair


Many stroke survivors initially think about returning to their life just as it was prestroke. For many this just is not going to happening. Jim, who has ten years' experience as a survivor, explores the issue.


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Contact Jim at  
Growing with Acceptance

You Don't Get Over It...

You Get Through It

By Jeanette Davidson


Jeanette has learned to "ride the river of recovery." Learning to go with the flow and tackle each optical is critical.



Contact Jeanette at

Born Again


By Moses Cherrington


Moses Cherrington joins the staff of StrokeNet. His column is entitled "Born Again." He will share how he uses creativity to recreate his life post stroke.


This month Moses introduces himself and his column. Moses lives in New Zealand. Check it out!


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Contact Moses at


The Juggling Caregiver

Life with Dogs

By Claudia Warner


Many stroke survivors have found pets to be helpful in stroke recovery. Claudia shares stories about their two dogs, Chloe and Maggie.


This article is a reprint, first published in April 2012.



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Contact Claudia at

Member Stories Invitation
We'd like to tell your stroke story. Please consider being featured in a StrokeNet "Member Story" article. Click the icon to learn more about what it takes to get your story published in StrokeNet. 
Member Celebrations
Lightning Bolt Birthdays and Stroke

Compiled By Teri Truax
Celebrations Monitor

The Stroke Network congratulates all members who celebrate a birthday or stroke anniversary this month. Click below to see the birthdays and anniversaries we have on file for this month.

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Contact Teri at

Each month members' birthdays and Stroke Anniversaries, which they have placed in their message board profile, are listed in the newsletter.

Be sure your birthday and stroke anniversary are in your profile. From the home page of the Message Board, click the arrow next to your user id. From the drop down menu select My Settings.


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