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Vol 14, No 11 

November 2014


Welcome to the November issue of StrokeNet, the newsletter of The Stroke Network.


This is the time of year to give Thanks. As we head into the holiday season this is a great time to stop and think of all of the things for which each of us is thankful. For example, I am thankful for the support that I receive from all of you!


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In this issue...


Walt reports on Adult Daycare Centers. David discusses Depression and Stroke. In "The Juggling Caregiver," Claudia shares some leanings from her recent "vacation." Jim, in "Dancing with Stroke" reflects on how Golf and The Stroke Recovery Journey are similar.


In "Growing with Acceptance" Jeanette shares her recent experience of vacation. Moses in "Born Again" reflects on his recent experience of "Black Cloud Thinking." Member Story is Moses Cherrington.


Bookends to this newsletter are Organization News and Member Celebrations. Be sure to read both!

Enjoy the November newsletter!  


Lin Wisman

Director Information Resources

Editor, StrokeNet


Organization Highlights
By Maria Erichsen    

Operations Manager

Each month Maria shares what is happening at our organization, The Stroke Network.

Since it the beginning of the long holiday season, Maria writes about holiday concerns and about ways to use the Stroke Network during this often difficult time.


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Adult Care Centers

By Walt Kilcullen


Adult Day Care Centers are becoming more and more wide spread. Walt shares what they are and includes a check list for caregivers.


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Depression and Strokecc

Reactive vs Clinical

By David Wasielewski


Many Stroke Survivors experience depression. In this article David explains the different types of depression. 


Understanding depression may help to better treat it. 


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The Juggling Caregiver

We're Back

By Claudia Warner


After a short "vacation" to deal with her husband Wes' health problems Claudia has returned. One helpful hint this month is a name badge. 


They helped during Wes' time in the hospital and have been great out of the hospital. For those of you who are gardeners Claudia includes data about growing garlic.


Be sure to catch up on the Warners.


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Dancing with Stroke

Golf and a Journey of Recovery

By Jim Sinclair


Jim reflects that stroke recovery is much like the game of golf. Do you agree?



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Growing with Acceptance


By Jeanette Davidson

Jeanette has just returned from vacation and is tired. Vacation can be a trial for everyone, especially Stroke Survivors. In this article Jeanette reflects on her experience.


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Born Again

Dark Cloud Thinking

By Moses Cherrington


This month Moses was under the spell of Dark Cloud Thinking. He explains his experience.

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Member Story
Moses Cherrington

Coordinated by Deb Theriault

Member Stories Administrator


Moses lives in New Zealand. He stroked four years ago and has had a good recovery. Check out what he has learned!


Moses writes the column Born Again for this newsletter. 


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Member Stories Invitation
Every survivor (and caregiver and family member) has their unique story. We would like to feature your story!! 

Our Member Story Administrator, Deb Theriault, writes the article with your input.  

Please consider being featured in a StrokeNet "Member Story" article. 

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Member Celebrations
Lightning Bolt Birthdays and Stroke

Compiled By Teri Truax
Celebrations Monitor

The Stroke Network congratulates all members who celebrate a birthday or stroke anniversary this month. Click below to see the birthdays and anniversaries we have on file for this month.

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Contact Teri at

Each month members' birthdays and Stroke Anniversaries, which they have placed in their message board profile, are listed in the newsletter.

Be sure your birthday and stroke anniversary are in your profile. From the home page of the Message Board, click the arrow next to your user id. From the drop down menu select My Settings.


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